MediQapp Virtual Library

Intranet called Quality Documents

Keeping in pdf format the hospital documentation and reports by departments and sectors of activity, realizes:

- Decrease paper costs by cancelling unnecessary copies

- Initiating a first step in the implementation of the Green Hospital Concept in Romania;

- Keeping the PDFs in this original structure makes MediQapp an excellent tool for planning and quality management for any health care facility in the country and abroad.

MediQapp digitisation is the catalyst between data availability, information quality and usefulness.

Quality Documents provide the premises for the sustainability of ANMCS accreditation over time 

The unified and innovative structured storage of the information verified at the ANMCS accreditation can become the first steps of the reconfiguration between E-Health and E-Learning.

As a consequence, the decision-making process is brought to an improved performance level, due to the increased capacity to analyze and interpret the data collected in an authentic way in MediQapp. From the manager to the ward managers, everyone can streamline solutions in favor of de-bureaucratization through interoperability between hospital departments.

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