Preparation of ANMCS and ISQua accreditations

What can we guarantee you using MediQapp? The best result at national and international accreditations (ANMCS and/or ISQua)!

Why? The concept is based on Respect, Reciprocity, Success, and Harmony!

Benefits received?

Time, Value, and Performance are gained!

Become relevant by being one of the promoters of modern and innovative concepts!

Gain an Excellent Reputation in Romania and abroad!


Guaranteed success in the preparation of ANMCS/ ISQua accreditations

Did you have unsatisfactory results in the previous evaluations for ANMCS accreditation? Have you faced difficult circumstances that required maximum effort with minimal results? Could it be even better in the case of your hospital?

You can change the balance of the results in favor of the best performances if you use the MediQapp tool in the following stages.








What are the traps you can fall into when looking for a consultant who advises you to "stay calm while they do everything"?! We are happy to help you make as few mistakes as possible in the future!

1. The consultancy in the market is the main culprit of the misunderstanding of the methods of clear and concise regulation of the Quality Management of Health Services. They bring low prices with big promises and comfortable engagements but are full of hidden vices

2. Employees who refuse to be involved in the process, do not manage a successful representation at the ANMCS evaluation, but are disturbed when other colleagues have notable results: they do not want collaboration, they have heard that it is complicated, they oppose resistance to training and anyway, it is the consultant's job to do everything in their place!

3. The entire collective tends to permanently negotiate an insufficient involvement in which they indulge, as long as they can blame the role of the existing external consultant.

4. Even if the manager realizes the negative state of things, and even if he has a team at work, without an efficient flow, before the zero moment, they will not have time for a so-called restart!

5. Many times it is not known in the hospital which employees have the expertise of ANMCS evaluators, and they do not declare their specialization either, for fear of not receiving assignments in the field, which are not paid additionally.

6. The hospital was left with an insufficient SMCSS team, the management committee did not allocate sufficient resources in the preparation of accreditation with outsourced services, and the consultancy is being negotiated at the lowest purchase price, without clear quality benchmarks.

7. The board of directors has recently been replaced, the MCSS structure is incomplete, the documentation is poorly represented, specialists in other departments - ANMCS evaluators do not exist, and the new Manager is asked to work miracles!!!

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Personalized MediQapp services 

If you find yourself in one of the options below, we offer you some pointers on how we can help you! We are happy to make the greatest team in the future!

  • The hospital has a Health Services Quality Management Structure (SMCSS) with notable performances without external help:

1. The popularity of MediQapp with the evidence of ANMCS requirements on a customized structure just for the hospital and its users, provides clarity and efficiency in their work

2. The MediQapp- specific training helps in a complete and complex structuring of the names of pdfs (procedures, analyses, reports, etc. stored in the intranet of the application)

3. In fulfilling the ANMCS requirements, MediQapp reduces the effort of the entire team in the hospital between 55-78% through its automation.

4. The robotic data transfer to CaPeSaRo gives doctors more time for themselves and/or the patients of the health unit.

  • The hospital does not have a high-performance MCSS Structure, but it is completed with employees from other departments, who have the expertise of ANMCS evaluators/ consultants/  experts and there is no need for external help

5. Anyone can become a better colleague. The help on a section becomes useful and its value increases exponentially with the help of the application, from the comfort of your accounts, accessed from anywhere

6. The activity carried out in a department by those with expertise in the field, will be referential for the other departments.

*All milestones 1-4 are accessible by using a personalized MediQapp account

  • Although the Health Services Quality Management Structure is a good team, it continues to function even better, with valuable external help, which it keeps

7. We help your consultancy to reach a higher level of quality! Specialists from outsourced services who cannot permanently participate in group activities have the opportunity to contribute remotely, through MediQapp

*All milestones 1-6 are accessible by using a personalized MediQapp account

  • Although the hospital has high-class external collaborations, it wants at some point to evaluate itself through a clinical audit, the level of external consulting services received

8. The stage of the ANMCS accreditation preparation level is dynamically updated for each department in the hospital. From the Manager to a simple supporter of the ANMCS checklist, everyone has a perspective of the stages in which they are.

9. Our consultants can evaluate the level of training achieved through additional audit missions ordered by the hospital

*All milestones 1-7 are accessible by using a personalized MediQapp account

  • The hospital was left with an incomplete team, with which it cannot carry out its accreditation preparation activity and requires specified external help

10. Calitakropolis can perform a highly specialized clinical audit at the request of the health unit, with post-audit follow-up of the measures to be implemented within the corrective actions established by mutual agreement

All milestones 1-9 are accessible by using a personalized MediQapp account

  • The SMCSS team is incomplete, the documentation is poorly regulated, specialists in other departments - ANMCS evaluators do not exist, the board of directors has recently been replaced

11. Consulting can bring to the collective models that store and reproduce information in an integrated, structured way, with 80% applicability, the effort in the hospital being reduced to the remaining 20% ​​that MATTER!

*All milestones 1-10 are accessible by using a personalized MediQapp account

The stages of preparation for ANMCS/ISQua accreditation may include:

  • Personalization of a MediQapp account of the health unit and specific training given to account users
  • Carrying out a diagnosis of the stage of development of SCIM, SMC, and Preparation for ANMCS accreditation
  • Provision of management or medical audit services: quality/ clinical audit/ additional clinical audit missions
  • Direct involvement in a maximum percentage of 80% in the design activities of the procedures/reports/stage evaluations according to the ANMCS requirements in force (read our motto here!)
  • Awareness of the need for continuity of the processes for sustainability over time of the fulfillment of ANMCS requirements and the best performance in the case of all controls

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MediQapp unique system in Romania

The rates at which the MediQapp software system can be purchased have three benchmarks for customizing the offers:

- The number of beds in 3 variants (1-100, 101-500, > 501)

- Number of medical departments/compartments (according to the organization chart in force)

- The number of users in 3 variants (1-100, 101-500, > 501)

Of course, we also take into account the real collaboration possibilities that we can build together! For this, we have developed the Collaborate with us section, which we invite you to browse on the website

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