Internal/clinical audits and additional clinical audit missions

Internal management audits (integrated or not)

The internal management audits offered to our clients verify for the periods requested by them, compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, HACCP and/or regulated areas (integrated or not), depending on the requirements and areas of activity.

This process includes:

  • Documentation and implementation of the Management System (complete and concise)
  • Initial and periodic staff training
  • Carrying out a pre-audit (simulation) in preparation for certification
  • Support to the assessment for certification of the existing management system

Calitakropolis guarantees in the internal/clinical audit services the final result ensuring the fulfilment/resolution including post-certification/post-accreditation corrective actions.

Certification audits 

In the case of private companies or public institutions (including health units), Calitakropolis offers internal audits for ISO- type certifications (single or integrated standards) both initial and maintenance.

These services are successful:

  • Maintenance of the certified management system and/or continuous improvement of the existing management system

  • Development and improvement of staff competencies

  • Company evolution towards TQM and BUSINESS EXCELLENCE

Second-party audits

Calitakropolis offers second-party audit services carried out on behalf of a client who wants to know his supplier.

This in the contract guarantees that the manufactured product not only meets the appropriate technical requirements but also that it can be consistently manufactured at the same level of quality.

In order to ascertain the reality the customer can request an audit by our company to his business partner. The result will be efficient, fair, and competent, based on experience and professionalism

Clinical audits and additional audit missions are performed with ANMCS-recognized medical staff and more! We are honoured that our work enjoys international ISQua recognition.

Due to the need of hospitals to comply with the various requirements of certification, accreditation and other internal and/or external controls or evaluations, the work teams, very often, have only resolved sequentially and declaratively, any situation, through an excessive and sometimes chaotic procedure.

But now hospital staff have gained experience and more and more medical staff are becoming aware of the risks they are exposed to, and these forms of audits are becoming the closest help against any possible medical malpractice.

Clinical audits and additional missions in health units

Calitakropolis guarantees the best results in pre-certification/pre-accreditation clinical internal audit services (including additional clinical audit assignments) in order to prepare public and/or private healthcare units for the ANMCS certification/accreditation audit.

The maturity of ANMCS accreditation reached the third stage in Romania has a positive impact on the quality of services and patient safety, clinical audits and additional missions in hospitals having a primary role in this regard.