National Conference with International Participation of the Faculty of Medicine "Titu Maiorescu" University - Bucharest


Vth Edition with the Theme "Innovative transdisciplinary approaches in modern medicine" May 26-28, 2022 - Olimp, Romania, 

Digitizing clinical risks through MediQapp personalizes e-learning for professionals, 

Authors: Manolache Adriana1,2, Cochior Daniel3,4,5, Ungureanu Florin Dan3, Moldovan Cosmin3

  • 1 Doctoral School of Medicine, IOSUD Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest
  • 2 The quality management structure of health services, Clinical Hospital "Dr. I Cantacuzino" Bucharest/CEO Calitakropolis Company
  • 3 Faculty of Medicine, Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest
  • 4 Monza Clinical Hospital, Surgery Clinic
  • 5 Sanador Clinical Hospital Bucharest